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Disinfecting Services

JanBryte has been standing on the front lines cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing facilities whose operations are important to the communities we serve. As we enter the next phase of addressing the pressing problems associated with the coronavirus, JanBryte remains proactive, innovative, and committed.


Our Disinfection Services

JanBryte Disinfection Services provides a rapid response to businesses looking to achieve an enhanced level of hygiene under this new normal.


Includes a customized risk assessment to understand your facility's unique needs


Service leaves no harsh fumes or visual residue & eliminates odors


Get back to business within 30 minutes of treatment

Electrostatic Cleaning

Electrostatic spraying in the cleaning context is a way of applying a  disinfectant to a surface by applying an electric charge to the liquid. The liquid is sprayed onto a surface that has a negative charge. Electrostatic spraying provides a full coat of disinfectant on a surface, this includes the underside and backside of surfaces.


Whatever the needs of your facility may be, the JanBryte Team is eager and happy to be of service.

Whether you require a deep clean and thorough disinfection before reopening, a recurring cleaning and disinfecting program, or an exposure disinfection, JanBryte has you covered. Reach out today for a free consultation and see how JanBryte can help keep your workplace and employees safe and healthy.


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